Kabsa (Saudi Arabian Cuisine)

Ingredients for Kabsa (Saudi Arabian Cuisine):-

For serves: 3-4 

IndiaFeastBasmati Rice  1/2 kg
10 chicken drumsticks 
1/4 cup cooking oil 
3 medium onions, sliced 
1(12 ounces) can puree of fresh tomato 
2 tomatoes, chopped 
5 cloves, garlic, crushed 
2 carrots, grated rind of 1 orange 
4 cardamom pods 
3 cinnamon sticks 
Add Salt, pepper to taste 
1/4 cup mixed cashews raisins sliced almonds 

Cooking Method& Preparation: 

Cooking time: 35 min

  • Onion in oil for Sautee until they begin to brown.
  • Take chicken pieces add, tomato puree, chopped tomatoes, garlic and stir for about 6 minutes over low flame.
  • Stir in three 4 hot water, grated carrot, orange rind, spices, add salt and pepper to taste.
  • Cook over medium heat, covered, about 25-30 minutes, let the chicken is cooked properly.
  • Remove the chicken. Set aside to keep warm.
  • Stir rice into the liquid in the pan, and cook, covered over low heat for about 30-35 minutes, let the liquid is absorbed
  • Put rice on a serving platter with chicken pieces arranged around garnish with fried raisins almonds and cashews.

Murg Biryani (Indian Cuisine)

Ingredients for Murg Biryani (Indian Cuisine)
IndiaFeast Basmati Rice 1 ¼ cup
20gm Ginger 
350 grams Chicken Minced
7 unit Garlic 
1 ½ tea spoon Cooking Oil 
Cumin Seeds 1 tea spoon
1 Bay Leaf 
4-5 Pepper 
2 Cloves
2 Green Cardamoms
1 Cinnamon
1 tea spoon Red Chili Powder 
1 table spoon Lemon Juice 
Add Salt, pepper to taste  
1 tea spoon Coriander Powder 
3 Green Chillies  
1 Onion 
2 Tomatoes 
¼ cup Fresh Coriander Leaves
¼ cup
Fresh Mint Leaves

Cooking Method & Preparation

  • Take water into big bowl and soak IndiaFeast Basmati rice or half an hour.
  • Grind peeled ginger with garlic and make fine paste.
  • Mix minced chicken with ginger garlic paste, red chili powder, coriander powder, lemon juice add salt to taste. Refrigerate the mixture until required
  • Chop finely after Wash green chilies, onion, tomatoes.
  • Chop finely after Wash green coriander along with mint leaves.
  • Use nonstick pan for heat oil, add cumin seeds and stir fry till they start changing color.
  • Use chopped green chilies, bay leaf, pepper corns, cloves, green cardamom, and cinnamon.
  • Use sliced onion on high heat until the onion turns translucent in oiled pan.
  • Marinated chicken mince mix perfectly with.
  • Use high heat to cook for 5 minutes, stirring continuously in pan.
  • Use soaked IndiaFeast Basmati Rice and start mixing the chopped tomatoes, green coriander with mint leaves, continue cooking for 5 minutes, mix salt to taste.
  • Use 2 cup of water into and Bring the mixture to a boiling stage and cook on high heat stirring gently but frequently untill the water is absorbed fully.
  • Low the flame for 5 minutes cover the pan with a tight fitting lid and cook for till the rice is done.